Pour la première fois, Failcon Grenoble s'associe avec Invest in Grenoble Alps et organise un évènement entièrement en anglais .... so, let's switch to English!

Our international speakers will talk about their experiences of failure in an international context and you will be the referee to decide wether we fail the same in Uganda, in Chile or Bhutan.
Most importantly, we will have fun together and celebrate summer !

Join us on Thursday 12th of July 2018, from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm, at La plateforme, 9 place Verdun, 38000 Grenoble

What are we talking about ...

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Veronique Rostas


With over twenty years of experience building organizational capabilities, deploying strategic initiatives, and supporting worldwide change management programs, Véronique has worked in a variety of multicultural teams. In late 2009, her American manager told her over the phone that she had to leave the organization. This conversation made her feel like a failure, although “it was not personal” and she was one more member asked to leave as a whole team was being disbanded. She will share with us what she learned – and continue learning – from this major career change.

Anne Bigot


In 2010, Anne's husband accepted an expatriation to Bangalore in India. They have been leaving France with there two kids, aged 3 and 5 years, for 20 months. Anne had first to accept to be an house wife while she has been working as an engineer in a big compagny for 10 years. The day to day life was not really easy in an country so different from Europe. She needed few months to settle and feel well in India. Anne lived this experience like a failure at the beginning. She will share with us her experience and how she decided to bounce back from the failure.

Erin Ryan


Erin comes from a long line of risk-takers: a grandmother who joined the Navy during WWII to escape her small Arkansas hometown, a father who tested airplanes, and plenty of entrepreneurs. But as all risktakers know, risking big can mean big wins AND big fails. Last year, in the spirit of her ancestors, she sold all over possessions and transferred from her company's American office to its European headquarters. Here, she found her American ideals of "anything is possible!" at odds with a French "Pas possible!"--and often regarding the same situation! This got her thinking: Is failure just a matter of perspective?

Mickey Farrance


Mickey Farrance, American, has lived in Grenoble since 2000 (and became a French citizen in 2011). She founded the professional networking association Working Women’s Network of Grenoble shortly after moving here from California, where she worked at NASA Ames as an aerospace engineer on the International SpaceLab and Space Station projects. Mickey has also been a writer, teacher, and trainer specializing in effective technical and business communications, and is currently responsible for strategic marketing content and development social media marketing at Bonitasoft, a Grenoble-based software development company.

It’s the 21st century! Reinventing oneself on a regular basis in the working world is now the new normal. Mickey has had plenty of experience with career re-invention already as she has been (among other things!) a waitress, a sales clerk, a speech pathologist, an insurance adjuster, a rocket scientist (YES), a biology teacher, a housewife and, most recently, a marketing social media maven for a Grenoble software startup. With a few failures sprinkled along that weird career path in the United States and France, Mickey has some observations to share on “starting over.”